Challenge No. 2 completed by Park View

hey, Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter and enjoying the start of the new term. Here at Park View we have been introducing our digital leaders in a few different ways.

Here is a link to the digital leaders introductory video that I have put on our website and emailed to the staff of school. 

There is also  a comic life poster that all year groups have put up in their classrooms.

And last but not least, they are being formally introduced to school on Monday with our whole school assembly. We were hoping for them to have official badges but the have not arrived as yet.

The digital leaders had great fun completing this task and we had some great ‘bloopers’ from the video.

looking forward to the next challenge

see you in a couple of weeks.

Digital Leader Challenge #2 – St Paul’s Primary

We successfully managed to complete challenge #2. We used comic life 3 to create profiles of ourselves and My Blue Robot to create an avatars which were similar to us. We did this because we knew it would go online. We also used keynote to make a presentation on who we are, how we were picked and what we do to help people use technology. Then we showed this presentation to  the rest of the school. Our profiles will be displayed around the school.

-_-             : D

Update from Plymouth Grove

We are running late!

We only came back to school on Monday and so haven’t had time to complete the challenge.

However – we are on the case.

On Thursday we are going to introduce ourselves to Key stage 1 children in assembly.  Year 4 leaders are going to create a Prezi and the Year 5s are going to speak.  We are then going to repeat it in the Key Stage 2 assembly on Friday.

We are going to make a display next Thursday to display in the computer suite.

We are also going to use this new blog to introduce ourselves and allow people to comment on how we can improve what we do.

We have created this form for teachers to fill in so that we can support the learning in classrooms.