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You can choose to write a review of any of the following apps:

Pic Collage
iMotion HD
Scratch Jr

Make sure you answer the following questions:

What is the title of the app?
What does the app do and how could it be used in school?
What are the main features of the app – what works well and what doesn’t work so well?
Would you recommend it to friends or others in school? Why (not)?
Who is its target audience? What age of children would be able to use it?
Is there anything else important you would like to say about the app?

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  1. The title of the app is scratchjr.
    The app animates characters and it is really good for people who like technology.
    The main feature of the app is coding and it works well because you can talk to it and make the character speak.It’s kind of boring and kids will start getting bored and get distracted.
    I wouldn’t recommend this to people unless they are in year 1 to year 2.
    It helps people with there ict nanda it will make them become more independent

    • I agree but I also kind of disagree because you said that it is a bit boring and the children will get bored and distracted but I think the total opposite of what you’re saying.

  2. The name of this app is Tellagami.

    This app is used to send messages to other people. You could send messages to people at school.

    This app allows you to create your own character and send your messages. It is good at recording your voice, but can sometimes be not very clear.

    Yes, I would recommend it to my friends, because it is fun to play around and explore with.

    I think this app is suitable for all ages-mostly for children, though.

    It is really fun because you can make your own character, clothes, background and then you can send a message.

  3. The review of pic collage
    Pic collage
    It can make your own collage of text and pictures, or make your own information page. It can be used in school by teachers and by most of the pupils. It helps to make display boards and posters and is easy to use. The main features of the app is to help make all sorts of different information pages with pictures, texts and backgrounds. The app is good because you don’t have to come off the app to get pictures because you can get it off the app. The bin in pic collage doesn’t work that well because if you have put multiple things in the bin and the first thing you put in the bin you want back you, have to press it loads of times to get that picture, then put all the other things back in the bin. I would recommend this app to friends because it’s quick and easy way to make collages and other stuff. The app is mostly used by the ks2. Mostly 7yr olds and older.

  4. Scratch jr
    it would help children learn about coding.
    It’s main features are to make a cat do what you want by using codes
    It’s used to help people at the age of 6+
    scratch is used for key stage 2 while scratch junior is used for key stage 1.

    • I agree also it can be used by key stage 2 if you need practise and if you are new to code. If you want to do easy code then you can use it whatever age you are.

  5. Scratch jr
    it would help children learn about coding.
    It’s main features are to make a cat do what you want by using codes
    It’s used to help people at the age of 6+
    scratch is used for key stage 2 while scratch junior is used for key stage 1.

  6. Telligarmi

    You record your voice or type dialogue and you could use for assembly projects messages.
    replaying speech and showing motion and emotions.
    The clearness of the app is great but the simplicity of it is low
    We would recommend it to our friends because In our opinion it is fun
    We think the target audience is 7 to 10, we think it would work best with year 3/4
    The app can help you to communicate easier.And also the cool thing about it is is that it can get emotions/capture emotions and also show that motions.

  7. Pic collage
    The app allows us to make collections of photos and texts. We can use this in school to make learning more fun and creative.
    The main features of the app is the pictures and the text. The back ground is not that important but it is a small feature. It is easy and quick but sometimes we can’t store all the information needed.
    We would recommend it because it is useful for making presentations more creative.
    We think the target is for all ages because it is easy and fun to use.
    There is nothing more to say because it is great!

  8. iMotion Review

    You can do an animation with the camera by taking pictures of anything.
    For ICT and animations also time-lapse
    Time-Lapse, Record your voice, do it remotely, manual.
    We would recommend it to other schools because it is good for ICT.
    We think it would be helpful for children of the age of 7 – 12 (but younger and older children could use it).
    We say it’s good for education and making films/animations.

  9. Pic collage a brilliant way of changing stuff into your own creation

    You can use it in a assembly .

    Making posters and make it into a good birthday gift.

    Yes we would recommend because ‘

    It is really fun and you can advertise things

    Any age can use it because it’s easy and if your an adult you can still use it because it’s super fun and it can help you In many ways such as
    Making posters
    Card making

    You can put pictures All over a board add stickers and write

  10. The title of this app is pic collage
    This app lets you create your own cards for special occasions e.g Christmas or Easter cards.This app can be used in school for presenting things and putting them up on the displays.
    The main features of this app is to move things around,create your own cards and adding stickers and clip art
    The thing that doesn’t work well that you have to pay for some of the best features
    This app works well because it is easy to use and younger children would understand how to work it
    We would recommend this app to people in school because if they need to buy cards they can go on the app and create the card themselves
    The target audience would be ks2
    You can save the card you made if you are in a rush to get anywhere

  11. Scratch jr
    It helps you make games it could help you in school to learn code
    It is really easer then scratch and you get really bored after making a game. The main feature are :sound, movement, and speech
    I would recommend this to the year ones children because it is a fun and easy way to learn scratch.
    It could be good for ages to year1 children to year6 children.
    It is really educational and could help improve your ICT sculls

  12. It can be used for coding or it can be used to show games and could be used to show
    coding to nursery and KS1/2. it’s main feature is coding. The app is called Scratch Jr. One of its features is that you can learn about robotic computing .One disadvantage is that you have limits and you can’t make complex code and difficult to play games.


    What is scratch Jr?:This app is used for a lot of purposes. It is mainly used in ks1 and lower. This helps them to learn how to code and move around characters. When they improve their knowledge, they can move on to a more complicated version of scratch.

    What are the main features of the app?: There are different types of coding that make the sprite do different things. There are codes that make the sprite move, talk, sound effects and many more. You can also colour in the sprite which is a main idea that Ks1 and lower like to do as their hobby.

    Would you recommend this to your friends and family?: We would because it will help them in life for lots of different jobs. It is also quite fun.

    Which audience is it targeted too?: It would be recommended for ks1and lower because it is easy and simple and when they are really good, they can start a more complicated version.

    Is there anything else you would like to add about your app?: There isn’t anything else for us to add.

  14. 1.As a digital leader I have enjoyed having to do the challenges and coming to the meetings.
    2.My skills that I have improved on is my confidence and working with other children from other schools.
    3.Go on more apps that are different because we all stick to the same apps.
    4.The most challenging thing as a digital leader was trying to do the challenges in 1 week when we only meet on a Thursday.
    5.The thing that I would change is coming in early of a morning and delivering the lap top trolleys to the right classes.

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