Park View

hey, here is Park View’s padlet on using the free web tools. We are looking forward to sharing some with staff and children


PS – Sharon was still late for today’s meeting!!!!!


[padlet key=’o32hqn2hvj1t’ width=’100%’ height=’480′]

Challenge No. 2 completed by Park View

hey, Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter and enjoying the start of the new term. Here at Park View we have been introducing our digital leaders in a few different ways.

Here is a link to the digital leaders introductory video that I have put on our website and emailed to the staff of school. 

There is also  a comic life poster that all year groups have put up in their classrooms.

And last but not least, they are being formally introduced to school on Monday with our whole school assembly. We were hoping for them to have official badges but the have not arrived as yet.

The digital leaders had great fun completing this task and we had some great ‘bloopers’ from the video.

looking forward to the next challenge

see you in a couple of weeks.

completed Digital Challenge no. 1


this is Abby-Lea. Here is what we found in our school:



bee-bots(a toy that we control)

smartboard (a board that the teachers teach us with.)


old software programmes

cd players

story headphones

easy speak microphones


digital dictaphone

digital camera

vtech camera

a digital movie creator (digit blue)

hub switch-controls our network

oldpcs-old computers

old iPod touch

white macbooks


digital microscopes


lot of spare keyboards

clocks-In the lake district there is a mast and it controls all of the clocks and sets them at the same time-they are all radio controlled

we went in our computer room and saw lots of old things like the different softwares and ask our teacher about all of the things in their.

that is all the tech that we find from park view.