Digital Leaders Challenge #7

Hello again Manchester Digital Leaders.

I hope you are nearly prepared for your KidsMeet presentations, as we’re only a few days away!

This is your final Digital Leaders Challenge of the year.

We have talked quite a lot about evaluating things in our roles as Digital Leaders this year, and your final challenge is all about evaluating your own roles as Digital Leaders.

To complete the challenge, every single Digital Leader needs to post a response on the Digital Leaders blog to let us know how you have found the whole process of being a Digital Leader. You can tell us about all of the things you have worked on and your ideas for the future. You will also need to answer the following questions:

  • What have you enjoyed most about being a Digital Leader?
  • What skills do you think you have improved by becoming a Digital Leader?
  • What would you like to improve further in order to be an even better Digital Leader?
  • What have you found challenging about being a Digital Leader? What has been easy?
  • Are there any specific things you would like to do next year as Digital Leaders?
  • Please also feel free to share any other ideas, and ask questions in return if you would like to.

    You can begin your evaluations straight away, but please do not post them until after the KidsMeet, as you may wish to include some information about the event in your evaluations.

    You might choose just to type a blog post, but you might also want to upload a presentation, a Bitstrips for Schools submission, an audio file or anything else that you think will get your ideas across clearly.

    I look forward to seeing your responses!

    Mr. Mayoh.

    10 thoughts on “Digital Leaders Challenge #7

    1. I enjoyed the activities challenges and kid meets
      Ive improved in computing
      I want to be the Best leader in Manchester even president
      Building the credible was hard
      I won’t be a leader next year my dream dies

    2. Evaluation
      We have loved being a digital leader and our roles of being a digital leader was a big responsibility and opportunity. We also loved doing the challenges and evaluating ourselves.
      This was a one in a life time opportunity and it was epic. We would all like to have this job next year. We all know that next year will be way better than this timeline. We hope that we will have harder tasks and better equipment next year.

    3. This year as digital leaders we have gained confidence at e-safety and talking in front of an audience.
      Doing the presentation and helping children and teachers at technology.
      We have learnt more about codes, computing and helping people.
      We would like to improve on learning more codes.
      Next year we would like to actually go and have sessions with kids.

    4. 1.I have enjoyed teaching year 1 scratch.
      2. My confidence has changed because im shy talking in front people but im not anymore.
      3.Learn different program’s and how to use them.
      4.Having different challenges and we didn’t finish it so we kept on receiving challenges.
      5. Do more work and commit to it and deliver laptop trolleys in breakfast club because we are going into a new building for year 6.

    5. 1.As a digital leader i have enjoyed cracking the code and doing the challenges.
      2.I am confident with teachers now.
      3. Go on different apps
      4. The most hardest challenge was doing the challenges in a short time
      5. I would change it by coming more earlier and doing the homework and learning the words for the assembly and the hall.

    6. 1. I have enjoyed working with younger children.
      2. I am more confident working with people I don’t know.
      3. I could learn more programs and how to use them.
      4. I think the most chaliging thing was to do the chalenges in a short space of time.
      5. I would cange the comitment and how we orgnise the laptops.

    7. I have enjoyed all of the challenges that we have done especially teaching all of the year ones.
      I have become more confident teaching in front of others and sharing different information to people.
      To go onto different apps and then to learn different people all of the different things that we have learnt.
      The most challenging part of a digital leader was trying to post all of the things that we have done onto the blog in a week.
      I would change the level of commitment, make scheduled times to deliver the laptop trolleys to different classes and we could even take the laptop trolleys in the morning when breakfast club is on early in the morning.

    8. Sorry my last comment was a mistake so here are the answers to the questions:

      1. The thing that I have enjoyed the most of being a digital leader was presenting our presentation today even though I was INCREDIBLY nervous!
      2. The 2 skill that I have most improved are independence and collaboration.
      3. I would like to improve my confidence because it is a really difficult thing to stand up and talk to a big crowd for me.
      4. What I found challenging for me is having to be on time with all the challenges so I need to start checking the web about every 3 times a week. And what I found really easy was being on task with the other leaders at Plymouth Grove.
      5. Next year, I would like it if we could have a time where each school takes turns to create our own tasks for other schools.

    9. this year i have enjoyed being a digital leader because it is chance to show people what we have done and to help staff ,children when they need it . What i have enjoyed most of my time being a digital leader is kids-meet it was a honor to be at our school . It was a great opportunity for us and i know every one of us would be crushed if you did not get through i know i would be . what i found challenging what doing the presentation .

    10. i loved doing the 7 challenges this year and the thing i liked the most was the kids meetup at our school.i would like to use things like raspberry pi and python because you can make music pi and minecraft pi!

      i found making the power point fun because we got research grammar and maths apps for free and there were some good ones too.

      i bet there will be some tricky tasks in the future to so ill be looking forward to it. 🙂

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