This is the code that we have cracked.

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also we cracked form the website, this is the best

from benchill

Digital Leaders Challenge #5

Hello again Manchester Digital Leaders!

I hope you had good and restful holidays.

Here is Digital Leaders Challenge #5!

This challenge is all about hardware. (Can you remember the difference between hardware and software, I wonder…?).

For your challenge, you will need to choose a piece of hardware that you have around school. It could be anything at all – from something very complex that can perform a variety of tasks, to something very simple that only has one job. That decision is up to you.

Your challenge is to use ThingLink Edu to produce a simple user guide for the piece of hardware you have selected. Many of the skills you need to do this are similar to those you need when evaluating new technologies, though you only really need to focus on how the hardware works and what each part of it does.

Once you have selected your piece of hardware, you will need to take a photograph (or maybe a few photographs) of it and upload it to ThingLink Edu (your teacher will need to sign up for a free education account here).

To understand a it more about how ThingLink Edu works, click here for a brief tutorial.

You can then use the really cool tools in ThingLink Edu to add text, video, audio and web links to the image to complete your user guide. You could simply write about what the features are, link to a YouTube video that gives a good explanation of some of the features, link to a website that helps people to understand, or anything else you can think of.

When it is complete, write a new post on the blog including a link to your ThingLink for everyone else to see.

Click on the example below to see a simple user guide for a Google Chromebook:


Goodbye for now, and good luck!

Mr. Mayoh.