15 thoughts on “Top Presentation Tips

  1. Talk with expression
    Speak clearly
    Look out a the audience
    Be confident
    Stand where they can see you

  2. You should use Eye contact with your audience.

    A loud and clear voice will reach your audience.

    Always be confident.

    Try to be organized; know what to say and do at the right time.

    Smile and show enthusiasm!

  3. Speak clearly and normaly. Stand where people can see you. Don’t hold your piece of paper in front of your face so people can see you.

    Melissa,Patricia, St Mary’s primary school

  4. Here are our 5 top tips for presenting your presentation.
    1.Face the audience
    2.Project your voice
    3.Speek clearly
    4.Be confident
    5.Don’t Mumble

  5. Speak loud,
    Be loud and clear,
    More expression,
    Be proud,
    Eye contact,
    Don’t be afraid,
    Be confident,

  6. These are our top 3 tips for talking to an audience:

    1. Expression in your voice.
    2.Speak loud, clear and slow.
    3.stand tall and face the audience.

    Plymouth Grove DLS

  7. 1. look at the audience and not at the board.
    2. Don’t read from line to line.
    3. Speak loud and clearly.
    4. Don’t be nervous, take a few deep breathes before you start.
    5. Don’t panic if you get it wrong and just carry on.

  8. 1. Be confident
    2. Speak clearly/ project your voice
    3. You need to make sure you don’t stand in front of the power point.
    4.make sure every one understands you and don’t woffle
    5. Make sure you smile at all times
    6.Show you are enthusiastic

  9. Face the audience
    Don’t fidgit
    Don’t keep looking at the board
    Don’t get destracted
    Loud and clear be confident

  10. 1.face the audience so they can hear it louder

    2.have a loud clear voice

    3.take your time to speak

    4.dont look down because because it could make your voice fuzzy

    5.be enthusiastic and don’t be scared

  11. 1) you should be confident
    2) you should have a clear voice
    3) you should be organised
    4) give eye contact
    5) use actions

  12. Our 5 tips are:

    Look at your audience,
    Be confident,
    Present in a good order,
    Be loud & don’t mumble,
    Speak clearly.
    ST Paul’s
    By Saajd George & Gabriel

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